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Advanced Cardiac Life Support


This two-day course is designed for health-care providers who either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a patient, whether in or out of hospital. In this course you will enhance your skills in the treatment of arrest and peri-arrest patients through active participation in a series of simulated cardiopulmonary cases. You will receive training in effective team behaviors and have the opportunity to practice as a team member and team leader. At the end of the course you will participate in a mega-code testing station. A simulated cardiac arrest scenario will test the knowledge of core case material and skills, knowledge of algorithms, understanding of arrhythmia interpretation and use of appropriate basic drug therapy.

This course is designed for the individual who has not previously taken an ACLS course or if the course was taken more than two years ago.  

Mandatory material for this course is the ACLS Provider Text; optional material for this course is the Handbook for Emergency Cardiovascular Care – there is a pre-course assessment for this course.

Review course is available.


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