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Mega Code

MEGA CODE TRAINING: Bradycardia > VF/Pulseless VT > Asystole > ROSC

The Mega Code is a simulated cardiac arrest during which students practice as members of a team and learn to integrate the knowledge and skills of advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Bring this valuable training experience to your facility. Ensure your staff are prepared to provide the BEST PRACTICE in cardiac health care!     


BSN CE credit available! This course is designed to provide the critical care health care provider with a hands-on experience using the critical performance steps needed during a stressful CODE situation.


  • Team Leader

  • Bradycardia Management

  • VF/Pulseless VT Management

  • Asystole Management

  • Post-cardiac Care 

  • Evaluation – Improving patient outcomes  


 Course objectives: At the conclusion of this training, the participant will be able to:


  1. Assign team member roles and ensure team members perform well 

  2. Identify symptomatic bradycardia and place leads in proper position

  3. Identify appropriate cycles of drug-rhythm check/shock-CPR

  4. Describe potential reversible causes of asystole/PEA (H’s and T’s) 

  5. Identify ROSC.

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